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Audrey Murray

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It's no secret that going to trial is one of the most stressful and intimidating experiences that an attorney will face.


At Cogent Legal, we craft high-quality demonstrative graphics designed to help you explain your case. We have decades of combined experience in creating persuasive trial exhibits for use in openings, closings, and witness examinations. Cogent Legal also provides strategic case consulting and trial support. In myriad ways, our team helps attorneys prepare and present their cases for maximum results with minimum stress. We specialize in creating artful and persuasive graphics meant to complement the unique story of each particular case.


What is said is not always understood. That is reason alone to incorporate compelling visual concepts into your case narrative. We also provide counsel and strategic guidance in the areas of admissibility, design, tactics for presentation, interpreting legal issues, and other nuances. In addition to our design and consulting practice areas, we also offer in-court technology services, pretrial support, mock trials, and focus groups. We are able to handle cases of any size while offering a boutique, client-focused experience.


Cogent Legal sets the standard for the modern mock trial. Our mock trial team is led by experienced attorneys who travel nationwide and pride themselves on their ability to compose mock juries that truly represent local demographics. It’s time to take your trial prep to the next level.


Get in touch today, and discover the ways that we can help you present your case with confidence.

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