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Rich Carroll - Structured Settlements

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The San Francisco Chapter of ABOTA is grateful to have Rich Carroll of Structured Settlements as a sponsor. We encourage all of our members to support our sponsor and personally thank our sponsor if the opportunity presents itself.

Having been in the insurance industry since 1971, Rich Carroll opened the first structured settlement office in San Francisco which remains his main office today. Mr. Carroll maintains an office in the Los Angeles Metro area. Rich is ranked one of the top consultants of the Arcadia Settlements group and is often called upon by insurance claims adjusters and attorneys.

Specializing in complex litigation and medical malpractice, Mr. Carroll’s cases have included the MGM fire in Las Vegas, Jack in the Box ecoli cases in Seattle, The Kansas City Hyatt Hotel collapse, California Loma Prieta and Northridge Earthquakes, and the California Catholic Diocese molestation cases.

As a leading industry professional and expert, Rich works with clients throughout the United States. His expertise includes all forms of structured settlements with an emphasis in medical malpractice and personal injury liability. Over the years, Mr. Carroll and his staff have personally participated in over 3000 structured settlement cases, with an estimated payout of over 1 billion dollars.

Education and personal:

Rich grew up in Syracuse, New York where he played baseball and basketball. He graduated from St. Mary’s College in California, with a degree in English Literature (Irish Literary Renaissance) and Economics. An avid reader and sports enthusiast, Rich and his wife Nancy live in San Francisco. They have 4 children, Duncan, Tom, Brandon and Allison.

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