Don E. Bailey Civility & Professionalism Award

The Don E. Bailey Civility & Professionalism Award was established in 2000 to honor the memory of the late San Francisco ABOTA Chapter President Don E. Bailey, a plaintiff’s attorney who became ill while in office.

The San Francisco Chapter’s decision to honor a member who models civility and humanity in his/her work was triggered by Don’s premature death. The award is given to honor a distinguished San Francisco ABOTA member who continually exemplifies Civility, Professionalism, and Integrity in the practice of the law while always vigorously, courageously and expertly advocating his/her clients’ causes.

Don successfully blended tenacity with politeness; success with humility; took his clients causes seriously – but himself not so. He was a great model to younger lawyers of how to be a zealous advocate without losing one’s sense of perspective.

He was effective but not pushy; a superior trial lawyer but never condescending. He had a long term view of life, the world and our work as trial lawyers that is to be emulated.

Photo Of Christopher J. Beeman 2022
Christopher J. Beeman
Photo Of Richard H. Schoenberger 2022
Richard H. Schoenberger
Photo Of Michael P. Bradley 2021
Michael P. Bradley
Photo Of Thomas Brandi 2020
Thomas Brandi
Photo Of Dennis Moriarty 2019
Dennis Moriarty
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James Brosnahan
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Craig Needham
Photo Of Eugene Brown, Jr. 2016
Eugene Brown, Jr.
Photo Of Charles Warner 2015
Charles Warner
Photo Of Willam B. Smith 2014
William B. Smith
Photo Of John A. McGuinn 2014
John A. McGuinn
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Daniel J. Kelly
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Edward J. Nevin
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George Shelby
Photo Of Michael J. Ney 2011
Michael J. Ney
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Ralph A. Lombardi
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Ronald H. Rouda
Photo Of John F. DeMeo 2009
John F. DeMeo
Photo Of Vincent B. McLorg 2008
Vincent B. McLorg (deceased)
Photo Of David lynch 2007
David Lynch
Photo Of Nelson Barry 2006
Nelson Barry
Photo Of William McDowell 2005
William McDowell
Photo Of Nathan Cohn 2004
Nathan Cohn
Photo Of Robert Barbagelata 2003
Robert Barbagelata
Photo Of Joseph Rogers 2002
Joseph Rogers
Photo Of Norman Saucedo 2001
Norman Saucedo
Photo Of Richard Dodge 2000
Richard Dodge (deceased)

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