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American Board of Trial Advocates
588 Sutter Street #233
San Francisco, CA 94102-1102
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Photo Gallery

Don Carlson

Vice President Don Carlson addressing the membership at the January 30, 2014 membership dinner


Sponsor Rich Carroll of Structured Settlements with Wilma Gray and Paul Melodia.

Steve Hayes

New member Steven Hayes of Hayes, Scott, Bonino, Ellingson & McLay with Cyrus Tabari.

Pat Mullin

New member Patrick Mullin of Jackson Lewis LLP and Chuck Louderback. 

President Paul Cesari

President Paul Cesari addressing the membership at the January 17, 2013 membership dinner.

Diane Rito and Ralph Lombardi

Executive Director Diane Rito along with Michael Ney and Ralph Lombardi.

Hon Beth Freemen

The Honorable Beth Freeman of The San Mateo Superior Court swearing in Rich Schoenberger as Vice President.

Chris Johnson

Introducing new member Chris Johnson of Maranga Morgenstern Law Firm, with President Paul Cesari and Vice President Rich Schoenberger.

E Jubelirer

Introducing new member Eliot Jubelirer of Schiff Hardin LLP, with Michael Marron.

Cynthia McGuinn

Cynthia McGuinn reporting on the chapter's new endeavor, The Teachers Law School.

Thank You Sponsors

We appreciate our sponsors, Structured Settlements, FindLaw, Jucicate West, and Hemming Morse LLP.

R Shoenberger

Vice President Rich Schoenberger addressing the membership at the May 16, 2013 dinner meeting.

Pitre Cesari and Carlson

Induction of the 2013 Officers: Secretary Frank Pitre, President Paul Cesari and Treasurer Donald Carlson.

George Shelby Bill Smith

Don E. Bailey Civility & Professionalism Award Recipient George Shelby and President Bill Smith.

Dave and Catherine Depolo

David and Catherine Depolo

James and Carolyn Murphy

Jim and Carolyn Murphy

Mike and Trish Kelly

Mike Kelly and Rebecca Bradley

Bill Smith Cynthia McGuinn

Denise Taylor (LA Chapter) and President Bill Smith

Bill Smith

President Bill Smith addressing the membership at October 9, 2012 membership dinner honoring our Octogenarians

Don Farbstein David Lynch

Octogenarian Don Farbstein and Historian David Lynch

William Doug and Blake McDowall

Doug McDowall, Octogenarian William McDowall, Denise Taylor and Blake McDowall

Amee Mikacich

Introducing new member Amee Mikacich of Brown, Eassa, and McLeod, with Bill Smith and Hank Carlson.

Robert Peterson

Introducing new member Robert Peterson of Carlson, Calladine and Peterson, LLP with Jim Goodman and Bill Smith.

Ann Kaplan

Introducing new member Ann Kaplan of Buresh, Kaplan, Feller and Chang with Bill Smith and Jon York.

Women of SF ABOTA 2010

♦ The women of San Francisco ABOTA 2010, (top left to right): Kathleen Lucas, Mary Alexander, Cynthia McGuinn and Amy Eskin (bottom left to right): Kay Lucas, Barbara Lawless, Madelyn Chaber and Patricia Henle.